VT Cosmetics Dental Line Review

If you live in Korea, I’m sure you’re familiar with VT Cosmetics. For those who aren’t, VT Cosmetics is a well known Korean Beauty brand that specializes in cushion packs, a must-have for a lot of Korean women and some men! lol

A favorite VT product among Korean idols and influencers are the VT Cosmetics jumbo toothbrush and toothpaste.

To be honest, before I knew anything about VT’s Dental line, I was hesitant to purchase from this brand. First off, VT isn’t a dental brand, both the brush and toothpaste are expensive, and, it’s promoted by idols/influencers, which can be a turn-off because 90% of the time they are only doing it for the money. I assumed VT dental was just another mediocre product line being pushed out by influences to make it cool, but I was wrong.

Recently there was a major sale at VT, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about and purchase the Gentle  Peppermint Flavored Classic Toothpaste and the VT Judith Jumbo Toothbrush. After using both products, to my surprise, I was satisfied with how well the toothpaste and toothbrush worked, and I became level 5 obsessed!

I wanted to learn more about VT’s dental line and what made these specific products so unique and famous from other brands in Korea. So, I whipped out my Google Translator, did some research and here’s what I’ve found!

1.VT Toothpaste is Eco-certified (Ecocert). Ecocert is a certification that tests compliance with regulations from harvesting raw materials to production of finished goods by the European Union. The Ecocert program is given only to products containing 95% or more natural ingredients or containing 5 to 10% or more organic ingredients.2. It contains carrot extract, rosemary extract, and chamomile aloe. These ingredients help whiten your teeth and prevent cavities while keeping your mouth and gums healthy.
3. It does not contain, artificial preservatives or coloring, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG): Carcinogenic ingredient that reduces the skin’s natural moisture and leaves you vulnerable to bacteria, SLS: a cancer-causing chemical, animal-derived ingredients, and other harmful substances such as fluorine, triclosan, and saccharin.
4. It tastes great! Peppermint is by far my favorite flavor! It’s hard to find good tasting toothpaste in Korea (for us westerners), so if you’re in the market for a new toothpaste, I recommend buying Peppermint or Cool Mint if you don’t like Peppermint.
5. The toothpaste foam is LEGIT. My mouth becomes filled with foam, which I’ve never experienced with a beauty brand toothpaste, ever.

 To purchase and learn more about the VT Toothpaste click here. Head up; the site is in Korean but automatically translates to your desired language with Google Chrome.

Next, we have the very popular jumbo toothbrush!

1.The Judith Jumbo Toothbrush is made of eco-friendly corn and non-toxic inks. 

2. It’s 100 biodegradable (within a year), which is f***ing awesome. According to VT’s website, after the brush has reached the end of its useful life, it is then returned to its natural shape by the microbes (aka it breaks down in the soil).
3. It’s made of materials that are harmless to humans and can reach temperatures past 80 degrees Celsius. Not sure why your toothbrush would ever get that hot, but I guess you have nothing to worry about if you brush your teeth with hot water. lol
4. It has a HUGE brush head that covers every nook and cranny in your mouth and gets the job done real fast. It may feel uncomfortable at first if the shape and size aren’t something you’re used to, but the discomfort quickly goes away after few brushes!

To purchase and learn more about the Jumbo Toothbrush click here. Again, the website is in Korean but will translate to your set language. 

Final note: Each toothpaste has a different purpose so the ingredients will vary slightly depending on what you’re looking for and both the bush and toothpaste are safe to use during pregnancy.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

Until next time 🙂

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