MD’s Pick Rubber DIY Mask Review

This week while shopping at Boots (in Busan) I came across MD’s Pick Aqua H.C. Moist Collagen modeling mask.

Their molding mask comes in multiple options depending on your needs. Lately, I’ve been under a lot of stress (moving to a new city in Korea) and have been out in the hot sun more than usual.  That being said, I decided to purchase the moist collagen mask to calm and moisturize my skin. What caught my attention about this mask was the Aqua H.C, moist collagen, and modeling.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with collagen since it’s a favorite ingredient in anti-aging products. If you’re not – Wrinkles come from losing elasticity in the skin. Collagen promotes skin elasticity and that glow we all know, love, and want.

Hyaluronic Acid, also known as H.C. is naturally found in the body and contributes to anti-aging. H.C. keeps our collagen levels up by retaining moisture in the skin. It also helps protect our skin from UVB Rays that can speed up the aging/wrinkles process.

Girrrll, who doesn’t love a good modeling mask?! They take a little more time, but I love the way the gel feels on my face.

Ok, let me stop blabbing and lets review!

The mask comes with:

Mask-base gel.
Melting Powder
A mixer to help combined the ingredients.

It also comes with a mixing container shown in the photos below :).

How to create the mask:

Open the Step 1 packet and pour the gel into the mixing container provided.
Then open and pour the Step 2 melting powder over the base gel.
Mix the two ingredients for about 1-2mins.
Here’s what the mask should look like before using. Don’t wait too long to apply. You should use within the first 2mins after mixing.

After Applying:

The mask looks drippy, but none of the product dripped off my face or near my eyes. It hardens fast!


Here’s me removing the mask. Peel from the top for easy removal.


Here’s what my skinned looked like right after removing the mask. My skin was smooth, soft and had a beautiful glow 🙂

Using my Facemask Quality Indicator, we’ll rate this mask from 0-5. Let’s spill some Cha!

Final thoughts: I really enjoyed this mask, and I think the immediate results were better than expected! If you live in Korea, you can find this mask at your nearest Boost or beauty supply shop! If you don’t live in Korea, you can purchase this mask at Glow Recipe for $9.

Hope you enjoyed this review!


Until next time 🙂


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