So I saw this new product at Innisfree a few weeks ago (I know I’m hella late posting) called My Perfume Body – Body Cleanser to-go packs. It’s the perfect travel body wash, that also acts as a body perfume.

Here’s what it looks like:

First, what drew me to this product was the packaging. It’s so cute and resembles the jelly juice drinks sold at convenient stores here in Korea. Second, they’re super cheap! Only 700won each, which is less than a dollar in the states. In my opinion, each packet is good for about 2-3 uses, so you get your money’s worth. Third, I was obsessed with the scents they had, so I picked up all three. Water Lily, Green Tangerine, and Cotten Flower.

What’s cool about this product is its actually made with top notes, middle notes, and base notes, the way almost all perfumes are made today. When you create a perfume, your top note is usually a fruit base. The most used top notes tend to be citrus fruits like orange and lemon. The middle notes are on the floral side. These notes are my favorite; I remember making my perfume in Seoul and only wanted to use these notes! Base notes tend to be strong and earthy, like musk or cedar wood. I love the smell of musk, it’s a great base note!

Below are the top, middle, and bottom notes for each body wash. My favorite was the Cotton Flower. I loved the smell and it made my bathroom smell hella nice too! hahah.

I went to Seoul (for a BTS concert) not too long ago and LOVED using these products while traveling. They’re great for when you’re sick of using the standard non-scented travel size packs and don’t want to lug around your perfume. I will definitely purchase more of the Perfume Body Wash for my next trip. Also, if you enjoyed using the to-go packs, you can purchase the full-size bottles online and in-store.

To purchase these items visit your nearest Innisfree store or purchase online. For those living outside of Korea, visit your nearest Korean beauty shop, beauty supply shop, or online store that sells Innisfree products.

Until next time! 🙂

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