Egg Cream Mask Review

Too Cool For School is a Korean beauty brand, best known for teaming up with artists to help design its packaging and has won countless awards for its product design creativity. According to the brand’s website, “Today, Too Cool For School is one of the most sought-after brands in South Korea as it sets new standards and advocates artistic expression in contemporary beauty culture.” Aka, this brand is too cool. LOL

I first stumbled upon Too Cool For School while lost in NampoDong, Busan lol. The store is small, but the staff was super friendly and helpful! They carry different brands of skincare and makeup with each brand specializing in different parts of the body and face. I wanted to step away from the usual Medical masks I wear and try something different. So, I decided to purchase a few masks from their Egg Cream brand. The mask comes in three different types, hydrating, firming, and pore tightening.  I’ll be talking about the Egg Cream Firming Mask in my review below.

Here are some quick facts about the mask:


To maximize results, I recommend using this mask at night. That way all the ingredients can soak in while you sleep.

As I do in every mask review post –  I’ll be using my recently updated Facemask Quality Indicator! 🙂 See below:

Smell: Since its a cream-based mask, it has a slight lotion scent, but it’s not overpowering.

Application: The mask comes with an application layer, making it easy to apply! However, if you remove the covering before using, you may experience trouble putting the mask on; the microfiber sheets tend to fold quickly.

The Feels: There was some stinging at the beginning on areas where my skin was irritated, which only lasted for a minute or two. The mask was very comfortable with zero peeling! #WOOO

Post Removal: After removing the mask, once the remaining essence dried, my face felt so smooth! With it being a cream-base microfiber mask, my skin really soaked up all the moisture!

Expectations: I was quite impressed with how smooth and moisturized my face felt, but it’s tough to say if the firming ingredients worked. My face didn’t look or feel any tighter. I think I’d have to use this mask at least a few times a week to see any firming results.

Price: The mask is 3,000won (in Korea obvi) and around $6 in the US. I think it’s worth the price based on its unique ingredients alone. I would rebuy this mask for the nutrients it provides and moisturizing purposes.

There are Too Cool For School stores all over SK, but if you live outside Korea, you can also purchase this item online at Riley Rose or Amazon.

Rating – 3.8/5 only because my face didn’t feel any firmer, but it is a great moisturizing mask!

Click here to purchase the single mask sheet from Riley Rose
Click on the image below to purchase the 5pc pack from Amazon

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