Choco Pie House Review!

This past Sunday I decided to go shopping at the Shinsaege Mall (in Centum City). As I was about to leave, what I saw before my eyes completely stopped me in my tracks!

There it was. Choco Pie House in all its glory.

First, let me explain why I’m hella extra about this place:

1. Choco Pie House is a new brand that launched this past December. Their pies are made with exceptional ingredients and are the best choco pies you’ll ever have! 2. Until recently, you could only get them at the Hyundai Department store in Pangyo. But now they’re available at various department stores/malls in Korea.
3. Two words. RED VELVET! Y’all I’m a slave to Red Velvet. Even the kpop group lol.
4. Choco Pies are my favorite snack, and it was also the first Korean snack I tried while in the US.

A little bit about the Choco Pie:

– According to many, these delicious little round pies of heaven is Korea’s “national dessert.”

– The choco pie came to life after a member of the Korean firm, Tongyang visited a hotel in the State of Georgia, that sold chocolate covered sweets in 1973. After returning to Korea, he started experimenting with similar ingredients (similar to the Georgia sweets) and later created the choco pie.
– The traditional choco pie has a marshmallow filling sandwiched in between two vanilla cookies covered in chocolate.
– The best way to eat one of these bad boys is by microwaving them for about 10-15 seconds. By doing this, the pie becomes a fluffy chocolate-marshmallow cake that melts in your mouth. I learned this trick while living in the US via Snack Fever.

Before we get into the goods, let me talk about the customer service real quick! Yo, the two cashiers were so adorable I couldn’t even handle it. They were so cute and sweet and wore these funny little red elf-hats! Their friendly and bubbly attitude alone made my day :).

On to the Pies – Here’s why these pies are so unique:

Tried to translate as best I could! My Korean isn’t that great :/. Just reading the ingredients makes me salivate lol.

I decided only to buy two since I’m trying to watch my figure and they’re a little pricey. Each pie is 2,500won; It doesn’t seem like a lot, but the standard choco pie is less than 1,000won. However, you are paying for the premium ingredients, so it’s worth it!

The pies come in four flavors – cocao, red velvet, caramel salt, and original. I decided to buy the red velvet (obvi) and the caramel salt since (in my opinion) they’re the most untraditional choco pie flavors.

Via the Choco Pie House experts, the proper way to eat them is to, “hold the pie with two hands and go nom nom nom nom.” I kid you not! Seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. lol

The caramel salt was delicious! Sandwich between the mallow and cookie lies real salted caramel. The saltiness of the caramel pairs great with the vanilla marshmallow. Even though I’m a sucker for red velvet, this was my favorite out of the two!

The Red Velvet was also very tasty! The strawberry cream filling added a unique flavor component that you don’t find in traditional red velvet cakes.

If you’re in Korea, be sure to check this place out! Check out Choco Pie House’s Instagram page for locations and more!

Hope you enjoyed this review!


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