BT21 Dunkin Donuts!

I dedicate this post to all BTS (방탄소년단) fans out there and my fellow ARMYs. Yes, I am an official BTS ARMY (Fourth Term). #WootWoot!

Late last year, BTS teamed up with LINE Friends and created a collection called BT21, which stands for BangTan 21st Century. Each member designed their character, which has now expanded into BT21 merchandise, emoticons, and food! I won’t go into too much detail about how BT21 came to be, but you can learn more about it, here. This past February, BTSxLINE Friends partnered up with Dunkin Donuts creating BT21 themed donuts, to-go cups, and most recently, coffee tumblers! Unfortunately, these items are only available in Korea, but you can purchase BT21 merch at during their next restock.

After weeks of these donuts being sold out within minutes (surprise surprise lol), this past weekend, I was finally able to find some at my local DD! Most of the donuts were still sold out, but I was able to snag a Kookie, Mang, RJ, RJ “Collectable,” and Van donut along with a Chimmy Tumbler.

Note: I did not eat all of these donuts in one sitting. To prevent myself from getting diabetes, I ate one and put the remaining donuts in the freezer. 🙂


Ok! Let’s go through each donut! 🙂

Kookie is a powdered donut filled with strawberry jelly.

Mang is a powdered donut filled with blueberry jelly.

RJ is a powdered donut filled with milk-cream.

The RJ “Collectable” Donut is filled with Boston cream and topped with chocolate icing and sprinkles. These donuts, from what I’ve been seeing are the most popular and always the first to go. Luckily I was able to snag the last one! On top of each donut, stands a plastic figure of a BT21 character. There’s no reward for collecting them all, but they’re cute!

Van is filled with New York cheesecake and topped with white chocolate and a candy Van. This donut is my favorite because it represents the BTS ARMY #WootWoot!

As for the Chimmy Tumbler, when you spend at 8,000won, you get a BT21 Tumbler for 1900won. You can choose which Tumbler you want, but you’re only allowed one per purchase. I don’t think you can buy the tumbler on its own, but don’t quote me, all the signs are in Korean, and my Korean isn’t that great lol. Since my favorite BT21 character is Chimmy (made by Jimin), I chose his tumbler!

All BT21 Tumblers are BPA Free! 🙂

If you’re a BTS/BT21 fan living in or visiting Korea, be sure to stop by your local Dunkin Donuts while supplies last!

Until next time!





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