Briskin Radiance Mask Review

Hello, 2018! First blog post of the year and also my first post using the new website. Wooooooooo! Take a look around and feel free to give me some feedback. It’s live, but I’m still making changes and adding new features.

To start the new year off right, I wrote a review on the Briskin Radiance Real Fit Second-Skin mask available at Olive Young. Y’all, this mask is fantastic!

Briskin mask packaging

What I love about these masks are that they’re made using premium bio-cellulose; a fancy-ass ingredient that helps hydrate the skin. To learn more about the amazingness of bio-cellulose, visit my Hydrate Yo’Self post.

Y’all know the drill. I’ll be using my Facemask Quality Indicator, which I’m loving! It’s been such a huge help when reviewing each mask 🙂 See below:

Alright, let’s get it!

Smell: The smell is amazing. It smelled so good that I wanted to save the remaining essences and use it as perfume! Just a heads up – If you’re not into scented products or sensitive to the aromas, this mask may not be the one for you.

Application: If you take off both layers off before applying the mask, you may experience some difficulty. Make sure you just remove the top layer, adhere the mask to your face, and then remove the additional layer.

It comes in three layers. The mask is quite delicate, so the top and bottom layers help protect the mask from folding.
For the best application results: Remove the top layer. Place the mask on face. Then remove the bottom layer.
What the mask looks like without both layers. As you can see, it already starts to fold when you take both layers off. Handle with care.








The Feels: What I love about these masks are they don’t move or peel away. I can do work, relax, walk around, which is great for those who need to multitask. I find that with non-second skin masks, they tend to move or start to peel off after a few minutes and I continually have to adjust.

Post Removal: My face was a little sticky after removing the mask, but not uncomfortable. The essences thoroughly dried but there was a natural shine, which I rarely see when I take off a mask.

The Next Day: I decided to use this mask in the morning because my face was feeling hella crappy. So, I can’t provide the next day results. Sorry! It was just one of those mornings, and I needed a little self-spa time before work.

Expectations: This is the second Briskin masks I’ve tried, and it didn’t disappoint. My face felt/looked revitalized and brighter after using. I’m definitely adding Briskin to my go-to facemask list.

Price: Most masks cost anywhere from 1,000 – 9,000won ($.90-$8.00). All Briskin masks are 5,000won, which in my opinion is a great price! Note if you don’t live in Korea, these might be a bit more expensive.

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Hope you enjoyed my latest review! Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

Stay warm and revitalized this winter! 😉

Until next time!

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