who I am

Welcome to my blog!
Sammynoelle was born in 2018 🙂

Before moving to South Korea, I’ve always been fascinated by its culture and technology and interested in its food, cities, and of course their makeup and skincare products! When my friends ask me why I moved here, I always tell them the same story. That something more significant than me was urging me to move to Korea and do something more with my dreams, and so this is my creative outlet where I get to share my passions with you.

Follow me as I share my favorite places, food, and K-Beauty products while living in South Korea. Hope you have a lovely stay!


I hope my blog helps you learn to fall in love with Korea and inspires you to follow your passions, do what makes you happy and live your best life!

Thanks for stopping by!

Note: My site is live, but I’m still making updates and changes as I am new to WordPress.