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Now we all know about nightly face masks, but do they work? I tried five popular Korean face masks from Olive Young to see if they do!

I will base the value of each mask using my Facemask Quality Indicator! And yes, I made this. #TwirlOnThat

(1) MEDI-Heal Revital Essential Mask

Smell: It has a relaxing floral scent, but not overpowering. If you were expecting this to smell like placenta, you’re f***ing weird lol.
Application: Effortless to apply! I didn’t have any difficulties.
The Feels: It felt quite soothing on my face and I felt very relaxed.
Post Removal: Y’all, my face felt so alive after taking the mask off! No signs of that sticky/oily feeling when you remove a “basic” mask.
Next Day: Woke up feeling like Beyonce. My face felt bright and smooth!
Expectations: So the mask is designed to help nourish and revitalize the skin, and it did just that! I’m sure if I used this mask on the regular, I would see a vast improvement.
Price: In Korea, this goes for 1,400 – 3,000원, which is about $1.24 – $2.61 before tax.

Rating 4/5

Note: Since most of my readers are from the US, I included a link to Gmarket, a global site that allows you to purchase this product (without-hassle) if you’re not in Korea. Also, I think MEDI-Heal is now available in most US beauty stores.

(2) Dr. Jart+ Silicone Rubber Mask – Firming Lover

Smell: The “Firming Ampoule Cream” that comes with the package smells ok, but the mask itself smells like wet rubber.
Application: First you apply the ampoule cream onto the face and then the mask. It’s easy to put on, but I experienced difficulty keeping the mask glued to the bridge of my nose.
The Feels: It felt like slimy cold silicone was on my face.
Post Removal: Easy to remove, however, my face was sticky AF after.
Next Day: I woke up feeling like dry Sponge Bob, and my face was still sticky.
Expectations: The mask is supposed to “firm” up your face. There was no firming that I noticed. I’m sure you need to use it at LEAST 100 more to see the results.
Price: I bought a single mask for 6,000원, and it was ON SALE. The mask usually cost 12,000원 ($10.47). Y’all, this one-time-use mask is not worth $12,000원.


(3) MEDI-Heal Collagen Impact Essential Mask

Smell: It smelled like a clean-linen-scent candle, but not overpowering.
Application: Similar to the previous MEDI-HEAL masks I’ve tried, no issues, and it was easy to apply.
The Feels: This mask felt a little tingly. Not sure if it’s the “collagen” factor or what, but, it wasn’t uncomfortable.
Post Removal: My face felt great after I removed this mask. It looked and felt so clean!
Next Day: Woke up feeling like Sponge Bob went for a dip in the pool. Translation: I woke up feeling a little dry, but that may have been due to other elements.
Expectations: It’s meant to make your skin feel younger and firmer. Again, I feel like you’ll need to use this mask a few times a week to start seeing results.
Price: Just like the other MEDI’s, this goes for 1,400 – 3,000원, which is about $1.24 – $2.61 before tax.


(4) Dr. Jart+ Mask Silicone Rubber Luminous Shot

Smell: There wasn’t a strong smell while creating the mask, however, once the mask is on, it does have a slight floral scent.
Application: The package comes with two applicators that you must mix together to create the rubber mask. The mask dries SUPER fast, so you must apply it onto your face within two minutes after mixing. Also, make sure you CLUMP THAT ISH on! There were a few thin areas that were a little difficult to peel off because the layer was so thin and translucent.
The Feels: Once the mask was on and set, it felt pretty good. Definitely on the tight side, but I like that feeling. If you don’t – #PainIsBeauty.
Post Removal: I was quite nervous to remove the mask since it felt so tight on my face, but it was easy to take off!
Next Day: Woke up feeling like Beyonce. My face felt so bright and moisturized!
Expectations: This product lives up to its name, my face looked and felt hella luminous the next day.
Price: Like the Dr. Jart’s rubber mask, it was also on sale. It usually runs for 8,000원, but I got it for 6,000원. I think it’s worth the money if you’re looking for a cheap rubber mask!


(5) MEDI-Heal Bamboo Charcoal 4D Black Mask

Smell: This is by far the BEST smelling face mask I’ve tried! I kid you not.
Application: Again, like all the MEDI-Heal masks, it was easy to apply.
The Feels: It felt light and nourishing on my face. It also had this cooling factor that made the experience even more enjoyable.
Post Removal: My face felt like a million bucks. No joke – this mask is LEGIT.
Next Day: To no surprise, I woke up feeling like Beyonce and then some. My face felt so clean and moisturized!
Expectations: If you’re not familiar with how charcoal works, it helps purify and cleanse the skin, getting rid of toxins sitting on top of the face. My face felt so light and clean the next morning.
Price: Again, like the other MEDI-heal masks, I only paid 1,400원. Super cheap and worth the price!


Note: There are not many online shops that will deliver these masks to the US ㅠㅠㅠ.  I found a global store that sells them in bulk for $15.00. Definitely worth the price!

Hope you enjoyed my review! I apologize if it was a lot to read, but the more you know, the more comfortable your decision will be when choosing a mask^^

Until next time!


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