LIFE CAFE (카페라이프)

Cafes are everywhere in Korea. You can’t walk two blocks without seeing one.

Before moving to here, I wanted to live in 대구 (Daegu). I found the city fascinating, and from what I’ve read, there’s always fun stuff to do during the summer. While researching fun places to visit in Daegu, I came across a dessert cafe called 카페라이프 (Life Cafe) via Visit Korea.

카페라이프(Life Cafe) is a hidden gem in 대구 famous for its Maldives-themed menu! A few new friends invited me to go to 대구 last weekend, and I friendly demanded we go to this cafe lol. 카패라이프 specializes in homemade meringue cookies, but what separates them from the rest is their Maldives-inspired bingsu. If you are not familiar with what bingsu is, it’s shaved ice. A traditional summer dessert here in Korea.

What we ordered – [Side note] I’m TOTALLY blanking on what each item is called in Korean, and unfortunately, there isn’t a menu available online. If you go, just point the picture inside the menu [back to what we got] Okay, so we ordered the Maldives Beach (most popular) and the Strawberry Cake bingsu.

Maldives Beach:

The sand is made of 볶은콩가루 (roasted soybean powder), a favorite item here in Korea used to make 인잘미 (Injeolmi).  Fun beach gummies lay on top of the sand, with meringue cookies posing as the waves. Strawberry flavored bingsu lays underneath (the sand and waves) served with a side of strawberry ice cream.

Ps: It’s strawberry season.

Before eating you must follow these two important steps. Notice in the picture above there are two side bowls. In the first bowl, you must scoop out some of the excess soybean powder. It’s delicious, but you’ll feel like you’re doing the cinnamon challenge if you eat too much at once. The second bowl is for the meringue cookies. Apparently, eating meringues with bingsu doesn’t taste good. Once you’ve completed those two steps, dive on in!

You may be thinking, but Why? Because the bingsu is the main attraction and the other crap is just for show.

Strawberry Cake:

This beauty has three components. In the bowl lies strawberry bingsu and fresh cut strawberries with a huge a** piece of strawberry cake it placed on top!

Ps: Hope you like strawberries!

Like the Maldives bingsu, you can’t just dive in. Your spoon must include some strawberries, bingsu, and cake before inserting into your mouth to get the full effect lol.


As if the desserts aren’t cute enough, the interior is even more adorable! It’s bright and lively making you feel like you’ve just stepped into a posh cafe off the coast of the Maldives (LOL can you tell I used to work in advertising?). See below:

If you’re ever in 대구 and looking to keep cool/escape the heat, check out 카페라이프 (Life Cafe)

카페 라이프
중구 문화동 6-2 대구

Opening Hrs: 11:00 ~ 22:00 (Closed on Tuesdays)
Address: 184, Gyeongsanggamyeong-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu
Phone Number: 010-4408-2738

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