Day Trip To Daegu

This past summer I took a Sunday trip to Daegu (대구) with some friends visiting Korea and let me tell you, it was &@%^ing hot!

I know what some of you (who are familiar with Daegu) are thinking. Why the hell would you visit Daegu in the summer?!

For those who aren’t familiar, let me paint you a picture. Daegu is located in the center of Korea and deals with extreme weather conditions. Its winters are insanely cold, and its summers are unbearably hot/humid. I’ve dealt with intense humidity in the US, but this is next level x 100! Pretend you are in a sauna, with all of your clothes on, and hot air is blowing in your face – that’s Daegu.

Our first stop was 큰맘할매순대국 (Big Hearted Grandma’s Blood Sausage Soup.) located in 달서구 (Dalseo-gu). It’s a food chain in Korea known for its 순대 (sundae). For those who don’t know, sundae is Korean blood sausage. From my knowledge, it’s a well-known chain, however, people from all over flock to this restaurant in particular because of its owners. They so happen to be the parents of rapper Agust D aka Suga from BTS. The restaurant is filled with BTS memorabilia, and we had the pleasure of meeting his dad and brother, who were super cool!

When we sat down, we were greeted by Suga’s brother, who gave us a few recommendations on what to order. I was a little nervous to try sundae, so I just ordered 보쌈 정식 (Bossam Jeongsig). It was delicious!

UPDATE: I tried sundae for the first time a few weeks ago (after visiting Daegu), and it was soo yummy! I’m a little bummed out I didn’t try it at the restaurant :(.

Our next stop was 카페라이프 (Life Cafe). This cafe is famous for its Maldives-themed menu! To learn more about this amazing hidden gem check out my blog post here.

Now on to the main event!

After spending a few hours in the “Maldives” ( 😉 lol), we decided to check out 김광석거리 (Kim Gwang Seok Street) also known as Daegu’s art alley.

Kim Gwang Seok was a very famous singer and songwriter in Daegu, who unfortunately took his own life at the early age of 31. He was the first to create music about common issues Koreans still face today. To pay tribute to the late singer – the city opened Kim Gwang Seok Street near Bangcheon street, where Kim Gwang Seok used to live.

The street is quite long, but we managed to explore as much as we could in the heat. There are tiny boutiques, pop-up shops, food vendors, and restaurants throughout.

If you are planning a visit Daegu, make sure to add Kim Gwang Seok Street to your itinerary!

After our visit to Kim Gwang Seok Street, we decided just to roam around Daegu until our train back to Busan departed. We did some sightseeing above ground via the Yellow Line train, which is the first monorail train in Korea.

What’s unique about this train aside from it operating on a monorail is its windows. The windows are made of smart-glass. The smart-glass automatically activates when passing by apartment buildings to prevent invasion of privacy. Just another example of why Korea is the most innovative country in the world!

Here’s a video I took of the smart-glass in action:

Even with the unbearable humidity, I enjoyed my time in Daegu and can’t wait to revisit this beautiful city!

Until next time!

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