Miss Yoon in Wonderland

No hate to my home country but compared to the US, the cafe and restaurant-decorum in Korea is so next level.

If you couldn’t tell by my previous posts, “Blossom” and “Life Cafe“, my Korean cafe obsession is real AF. #ShamelessPlugAlert

This past week I took a fun three-day getaway to Seoul from Busan. During my time in Seoul, I did a few western touristy things, such as going to a “private” perfume making class, (will talk about in a future post), ate a Taco Bell(duh), and visited a few Seoul hotspots.

One place that stood out to me was Gangnam’s Miss Yoon in Wonderland (이상한 나라의 미쓰윤). Miss Yoon’s is a western cuisine restaurant with a full-service bar and cafe nook. Not only is the ambiance fun and chic, but the food was hella good! It’s quite far from downtown Seoul but definitely worth the trip if you have time.

Ambiance: The restaurant decorum is very Alice in Wonderland-like, different from anything I’ve seen before in Korea. It is quite popular with the locals but became even more famous after the k-series Fight My Way filmed a scene there. [side note, Fight My Way is a great k-drama! If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorites and Kim Seo-Jun is bae <3]

Alright, enough rambling!

Let me take you down the rabbit hole 😉

Entrance: When you first walk in, you are greeted with a gate-like entry that reads “Miss Yoon.” The entrance that you will see in the pic below is the side door, but there are multiple entrances – three to be exact. I was unfamiliar with the character Miss Yoon, so I did some research, but nothing came up in English or Korean. I’m thinking due to copyright issues they couldn’t name the restaurant Alice in Wonderland so they settled for Miss Yoon? If you know this character, leave a comment!

Before you walk into the central dining area, you’ll pass through two mini TV shaped of hearts mounted to the wall, playful and avant-garde paintings, and a mirror to check yo’self out in before meeting up with bae or a friend lol.

I loved seeing all the whimsical detail they put into decorating this restaurant!

The interior and food: Once you’ve entered the restaurant, you’ve entered the rabbit hole. What I’m about to say may sound corny AF, but I didn’t feel like I was in Seoul anymore. The open space, the french doors leading out to the beautiful patio, the tall ceilings, and the absence of noise pollution made me feel like I left the city and entered Wonderland.

I was pleasantly surprised by how good the food was! Since I went on a Sunday afternoon, they were still serving brunch, so I decided to get a sandwich with a non-alcoholic drink. I ordered the Cranberry Ciabatta Sandwich (with maple syrup drizzled on top) and a glass of lemonade. The sandwich and side salad were delicious, and the lemonade was so damn good!


As for the cafe, it’s your standard Korean cafe nook, coffee, and fancy-ass desserts.

I’m glad I was finally able to visit this place after learning about it a few months ago. I had such a great dining experience! The staff was so sweet and accommodating. They also speak English, which is a plus for those who can’t speak Korean.

If you are interested in visiting Miss Yoon in Wonderland, here is the address:

Korean Address (I find it’s easier to locate places using 한국어, but if you’re not comfortable reading Korean, I provided the English version below) :
이상한 나라의 미쓰윤
서초구 양재천로17길 3
서울, 한국, 06754

English Romanized Address:
Miss Yoon in Wonderland
Yangjakcheon-ro 17-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Seoul, Korea, 06754

Until next time! 🙂


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