LIFE CAFE (카페라이프)

Cafes are everywhere in Korea. You can't walk two blocks without seeing one. Before moving to here, I wanted to live in 대구 (Daegu). I found the city fascinating, and from what I've read, there's always fun stuff to do during the summer. While researching fun places to visit in Daegu, I came across a dessert cafe called


I can't stress enough how obsessed I am with Korean fashion. After my first shopping experience in Korea, I now spend every weekend shopping at the Lotte Mall in Seomyeon or the Shinsegae in Centum City, Busan. As I became more comfortable with reading 한국어, I started to explore online shops and bloggers. The VERY FIRST Korean blogger that caught my attention was Mejiwoo.

While living in Chicago, I rarely shopped for myself. To be candid, I was 20lbs heavier and was never into the midwest-metro look. I wanted cute, bright, and fun (but not too revealing) looks with a nod to the 90s and Y2K (the best time to be alive), and that's ALL I saw during my first shopping experience in Korea. I remember thinking to myself, "These clothes were made for me!" I couldn...