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Perfume Making in Seoul

I'm super picky and godly undecisive when it comes to buying perfumes. I could spend hours (ok not hours, but a very long time) in the perfume section at the mall. It's rare for me to find a scent that fits my personality and liking. While booking my trip first solo trip to Seoul, I decided to check out Air BnB experiences to see what they had...

Miss Yoon in Wonderland

<?php echo do_shortcode('[gtranslate]'); ?> No hate to my home country but compared to the US, the cafe and restaurant-decorum in Korea is so next level. If you couldn't tell by my previous posts, "Blossom" and "


Y'all. Let me tell you about the beginning of summer here in Korea. If you live (or have lived) in America in the summer, periodically, you've experienced major thunderstorms, heavy rain showers and maybe a few Tornados depending on what state you live(d) in. However, in Korea and most of Southeast Asia, the beginning of summer is monsoon season also known as "rainy season." Monsoon seaso...


I can't stress enough how obsessed I am with Korean fashion. After my first shopping experience in Korea, I now spend every weekend shopping at the Lotte Mall in Seomyeon or the Shinsegae in Centum City, Busan. As I became more comfortable with reading 한국어, I started to explore online shops and bloggers. The VERY FIRST Korean blogger that caught my attention was Mejiwoo.

While living in Chicago, I rarely shopped for myself. To be candid, I was 20lbs heavier and was never into the midwest-metro look. I wanted cute, bright, and fun (but not too revealing) looks with a nod to the 90s and Y2K (the best time to be alive), and that's ALL I saw during my first shopping experience in Korea. I remember thinking to myself, "These clothes were made for me!" I couldn...