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Carbonic Acid  Face Mask Review

For today's review, I'll be talking about the Dr. Jart's Peeling Solution (Carbonic acid) bubble mask. This mask is apart of the Dr. Jart's Dermask line. According to the US site, these masks are meant to "provide individual treatment for quick skin restoration." With all the pollution we're having this year in Korea, my skin has been feeling extra dry and malnourished. That being said, I decid...

24K Pumpkin Face Mask Review

Back with another Korean Face Mask review :). Since I loved Too Cool For School's Egg Mask so much, I decided to try another face mask from their Pumpkin line, the 24K Gold Pumpkin Face Mask.
DIY Korean Beauty Gift Box! Facial

No matter what the occasion is, buying presents can be stressful for those who can never decide on the right gift. If you have a friend, family member, co-worker or significant other's birthday coming up, I have the perfect inexpensive gift idea for you!

Say Hello to the DIY Korean Beauty Facial Gift Box!

Egg Cream Mask Review

Too Cool For School is a Korean beauty brand, best known for teaming up with artists to help design its packaging and has won countless awards for its product design creativity. According to the brand's website, "Today, Too Cool For School is one of the most sought-after brands in South Korea as it sets new standard...

VT Cosmetics Dental Line Review

If you live in Korea, I'm sure you're familiar with VT Cosmetics. For those who aren't, VT Cosmetics is a well known Korean Beauty brand that specializes in cushion packs, a must-have for a lot of Korean women and some men! lol A favorite VT product among Korean idols and influencers are the VT Cosmetics jumbo toothbrush and toothpast...

Briskin Radiance Mask Review

Hello, 2018! First blog post of the year and also my first post using the new website. Wooooooooo! Take a look around and feel free to give me some feedback. It's live, but I'm still making changes and adding new features. To start the new year off right, I wrote a review on the Briskin Radiance Real Fit Second-Skin mask available at Olive Young. Y'...

Dr. Jart Body Lotion Review

So it's that time of the year when the temperature drops and your legs, arms, and hands get hella ashy. My go-to hand cream is Kamil (that stuff is BOSS), but when it comes to a full body cream, I still didn't have a favorite, until today. On my way to Korean class, I stopped by Olive Young and pur...

Hydrate Yo’ Self

Back at it again with another mask review! With winter around with corner (Winter Is Coming!), I tested out four different hydration masks from my beauty bae Olive Young! During the winter months, our skin tends to dry out much faster and more frequent due to the drop in temperature and humidity. I do...



Apologies in advance! My photos didn't transfer properly when switched servers. I will re-upload the photos ASAP!  Now we all know about nightly face masks, but do they work? I tried five popular Korean face masks from Olive Young to see if they do! I will base the value of each ma...

K-Beauty Review (Round 1)

Y'all, there are too many Korean skin care products to review, so I have to do them in rounds.  Round 1 will cover the first five K-skin care product I purchased here in Korea. 

If you don't already know, I'm obsessed with Korean beauty brands! Before moving to Korea, I'm thankful to have lived in a city (Chicago) that houses one of my favorite K-beauty boutiques,