Perfume Making in Seoul

I’m super picky and godly undecisive when it comes to buying perfumes. I could spend hours (ok not hours, but a very long time) in the perfume section at the mall. It’s rare for me to find a scent that fits my personality and liking.

While booking my trip first solo trip to Seoul, I decided to check out Air BnB experiences to see what they had to offer.

I stumbled upon an experience hosted by AROMIND called “Create Your Own Perfume.” Being the perfume lover that I am, this caught my attention. I clicked to learn more, checked out the reviews/price and decided to give it a try!

About the Air BnB Experience:

Package: You get two hours to create your perfume from start to finish. You will produce enough for a travel size (12ml) and a regular size bottle of perfume (50ml). Also, you’ll receive a gift box and bag, and complimentary tea during the class all for 60,000won.

Location: Aromind moved into a new traditional house near Gyeongbok Palace a few months ago. I took the class at their former spot, but their new space looks amazing! See AROMIND’S updated space here.

Map of their new location.

Here are some photos of their old location where I took the class.

Time: (As stated above) You get 2 hours to create your perfume. This may seem like a long time but trust me, it’s needed. You don’t have to stay the full two hours if you finish early, but take your time and enjoy the experience, you paid for it! hahah.

Perfume making process:

When you first arrive, you are greeted by International Aromatherapist, Lina, and her staff, who were lovely! I was lucky enough to get a “private” class during the Chuseok holiday when most are on vacation. (Yes, it took me this long to write this post! ㅠㅠ I’ve been on hiatus busy creating this website)

Once you sit down, Lina will give you a brief lesson on perfume making alongside a powerpoint (in English). After the presentation, Lina will provide you with two sheets to fill out. The first sheet is for you to rate and give a short description of each scent after smelling.

You will have 30 different scents to choose from. Each scent is sprayed onto a testing strip for you to smell and label. Out of the 30, you can pick only 3 to use for your perfume. Warning! If you have a sensitive nose, bring tissues or make sure to take your nasal spray the morning of. After smelling the first 15, I became super congested and sounded like I’d been sneezing for days lol. The second sheet is where you will fill out your final scents for both the sample (travel size) and  50ml bottle.

For my final three, I chose Gypsy Soul, Crystal Flower, and Citrus Green Tea. Picking three scents that complemented each other was quite the challenge for me. Lina was super helpful in assisting me to formulate the perfect scent!

Once you pick your final three, you will then create the sample perfume, again, which is the travel size. If you’re not happy with the smell of the first batch, you can tweak the scent to your liking as much as you want. Once you are fully satisfied, you will then pour the fragrance into a 50ml bottle and label. If you’re too nervous to pour, Lina will do it for you as she did for me. Lol 🙂

Lina was kind enough to take some photos of me making my perfume! Below are some of the pics she took!

Final results:

Once you’re finished, Lina will give you a gift box and bag to package your perfume and then you’re set to go!

Note: Unfortunately, you can’t use the 50ml perfume right away. If you do, you’ll smell like Soju, which is a #NoNo! The oils and alcohol need to ferment for about 3 -4 weeks in a cool place before using. However, you can use the travel size right away! I’m assuming it’s because the alcohol content is much lower than in the 50ml bottle.

Here’s the final product with the gift box behind.

I loved using the Air BnB Experience. Everything is taken care of in the app, including payment, which is excellent for those who have trouble speaking or understanding Korean.

I hope you enjoyed this article! If you are looking for a unique experience in Seoul, check out AROMIND! You won’t regret it 🙂

Until next time!

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